Welcome to my new Legacy. 🙂 Unfortunately my previous legacy, (The Lo Legacy) did not work as the game decided to stuff itself up.
I really hope you enjoy this new legacy as i will be adding a better story line with more drama.

I will be following the same rules as before that are:
1. The Matriarchy Rule not Patriarchy because my founder is female.
2. Alphabetical ordered names; twins will have the same letter e.g Abby and Adam, Ben and Bella etc.
Once again I will not be keeping score of points.

jaymie 2
Jaymie Gatwick
Our founder is Jaymie Gatwick. Jaymie is only a teenager but she has been put into adult shoes. On top of her needing to have a job to support her, she also needs to look after her Grandmother, Nelle Gatwick. She needs to learn how to live and love.

To start reading Generation 1, click here.

Bonnie Gatwick
Bonnie Gatwick is a young girl who went through a bad time being the younger sister of a bully. If love makes poor Bonnie feel sick, how will she be able to continue the legacy?

To start reading Generation 2, click here.

Dani Gatwick
Dani Gatwick is a girl who absolutely loves horses. She has to struggle with her mum keeping a very close eye on her because of a call Bonnie received making threats about her daughter Dani.

To start reading Generation 3, click here.


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